Ready to feel inspired again?

Starting something new or thinking it’s time for a pivot?

Maybe you feel confused or overwhelmed, or you aren’t sure what to do.
Good news: you probably *do* know, you just need someone to hold the flashlight for you.

Enter Sandy Bean.
Let’s use my toolkit and your individual magic to grow your business in an authentic way that’s right for you.
I know what to do, because I did it, too.

Let’s get started

How can I support you?

Our agency has the tools, community & expert connections you need to bring your magic to your ideal clients.

The agency provides services for all budgets and needs, from group classes to digital courses to high-touch, personalized 1:1 containers.

I will connect you to a large network of lawyers, podcasters, financial pros, mental health care providers, writers, social media creators, and the like as applicable, to see that your needs are covered and your questions are answered. 

Commmunity is essential to success, and our agency makes that available to you. 

Speaking & Workshops

Workshop topics include launch and community strategy, any course content, mindset and journaling, comfort on camera, and more. 

I am an experienced speaker ready to engage and enrapture your group, too! Let’s hang out.

Click below for info.  

Digital Courses & Communities

Build your own community, learn to tell stories or teach workshops well, align with the manifestations you desire, join an entrepreneur crew, and more. 

Community is KEY to entrepreneurial success, and I have the secret formula!

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1:1 Programs

Personalized, 8-week plus intensives with access to my network for an agency service experience. I use your human design, your values, and my expertise to help you set & surpass your goals. Plus, we will have fun. No, I’m serious.

Send me a message to connect.

Why the Sandy Bean Launch Agency?

Starting something is both exciting and…bananas. Oh, and scary, too.

Cool. You need support. You have this business idea (or maybe a lack of ideas), and you wish there was more support to make it happen. Someone to plot for your world takeover with you. 

You’re in the right place.

Listen, I know how it feels to start over or try to do it all in business, and both feel like a lot.  It was a lot for me.

I’m a mom (a special needs mom, too). I’m neurodivergent. Career-wise, I started as a a teacher. Seems like a normal existence, right?

But I had some things coming my way around the time I turned 40.

When life isn’t turning out how you thought it would, or when you seem to be at a fork in the road, or when you want to breathe new life into a familiar story, it’s hard to see your next move sometimes. You feel confused, sad, selfish, disconnected. 

That was me.

I was a public school teacher for decades, and I loved my job, and my kids, but I just felt… “is this it?”

Then, BOOM. I needed to change something…but what?

(Feeling that way, too? Stifled or just like something needs to bloom?)

So what did I do? I pivoted. 

I moved across the country for my daughter. I learned about my ADHD. I learned about autism and PTSD. I learned about marketing and started walking the walk.

I leaned into manifestation and spiritual practice and built some amazing things. I started a community that has blossomed into thousands of women, all who are embracing their growth and magic through entrepreneurship.

I got curious, and it made me brave enough to do.

I am still teaching now, just in a different way: I am a celebrated coach and consultant with this agency, an idea fountain for my clients, and am affectionately known as “the connection queen.” And you know… I am far more content.


Do you want to start your business, or grow it, or just…make a change?

Do you want to finally stop asking “it this it?” and make a greater impact?

I’ve supported dozens of women just like you, so that they can lean into their desires, feel inspired again, and step onto their desired path.

The Sandy Bean Launch Agency is your map, your


What agency clients say

Working with Sandy helped to put all my goals And thoughts into a working manner. She listens to what your ideas are and helps them to come to Fruition. She is very attentive with my goals and how do we get there. She has been my biggest supporter and I appreciate everything she has helped me with.

Belina Ruiz

Holistic Nurse Practicioner, B Holistic Health

“There’s nothing small time about her BIG personality and even bigger responsibility as the Founder of the quickest growing female entrepreneurial group in Florida – maybe even the nation.From day one, we’ve watched Sandy grow a badass leadership squad, all with big fat brains, who together in lockstep, have created a movement helping a lot of women start or scale their dream business(es) from idea to reality. There may be way more people depending on her than she ever envisioned, but Sandy’s insanely effective capacity to multitask, act quick and seemingly act like you are her only customer, she has her team and her audience showing up for more! More of whatever they need. Sandy pulls on her previous experiences working with kiddos with special needs helping them manage and rewrite their behaviors and, ostensibly the rest of their lives. And, this is how she takes care of us. All 2700 and growing.”

Ilene Mitnick

Co-Founder, The Zest Zone

Step by step

How it works

Feeling overwhelmed, discombobulated, or uninspired? You don’t have to do this alone. We have lot of options to help you get where you want to be and feel supported along the way.



Take a peek at our offerings, sign up for our email list, schedule an open office session, or join one of our communities. Learn about what we offer and see what resonates with you and your goals!



Spend time with the content of your choosing, either in a group or on your own. One on one clients will meet with Sandy, or you may meet other agency experts as the need arises.



As you work through your content, you’ll gain clarity about your personal gifts, talents, and preferences. You may establish your values, discover and break your barriers to success, or establish your own community. We will set goals, and you’ll approach them one manageable step at a time.



You’ll be on your way to the stratosphere!

Create momentum towards your ultimate goal, one step on your path at a time. Whether a pivot, a new business, or new energy into your old life, I am so excited to help you make it happen.