Pivots and valleys don’t come with a guide book.

It’s easy to feel stuck.

Ready to feel inspired again?


Think Bean.


Connection within and without is key!

It’s not unusual to not really know what you need when you feel deflated, confused, or are faced with a pivot. But I can tell you that you probably need to look both inside and outside of yourself for the best possible outcome.
But you can figure out what your new normal looks like, and it can be even better!
I am ready to teach you how to connect to yourself and then use those skills to start or grow business and/or your online community in an authentic way that’s right for you.

I firmly believe you already know the right steps.

I can teach you how to listen, pivot &  grow (or cut back!).

I can teach you how to build a community around your mission and bring your magic to the masses.


 I’m Sandy Bean

The connection queen

Teacher, coach, consultant & speaker   


Are you thinking “what next?”

Are you willing to believe that maybe the best is yet to come?

Are you ready to get clear, set new goals… maybe connect to others and tell your story?

Great. You’re in the right place.

Listen, I know it feels like starting over, and that is baloney.

I’m a mom (a special needs mom, too). I’m neurodivergent. Career-wise, I started as a a teacher.

Seems like a normal existence, right?

But I had some things coming my way around the time I turned 40.

When life isn’t turning out how you thought it would, or when you seem to be at a fork in the road, or when you want to breathe new life into a familiar story, it’s hard to see your next move sometimes. You feel confused, sad, selfish, disconnected. 

That was me.

I was a public school teacher for decades, and I loved my job, and my kids, but I just felt… “is this it?”

Then, BOOM.

Life handed me a major pivot point. I had to make a move. Stay stagnant, or change something…but what?

Do you feel that way, too?

If you’re in that space, especially as an entrepreneur, I have lots of tools to help you decide where to go, and then how to connect to & amplify your magic once you take that step.

So what did I do? I pivoted. 

I moved across the country for my daughter. I learned about my ADHD. I learned about autism and PTSD. I learned about marketing and became an entrepreneur. I leaned into manifestation and spiritual practice and built some amazing things. I started a community that has blossomed into thousands of women, all who are embracing their growth and magic through entrepreneurship.

I got curious, and it made me brave enough to do.

I am still teaching now, just in a different way. I am healing. I am a celebrated coach, a consultant, an idea fountain for my clients, and am affectionately known as “the connection queen.” 

Do you want to start your business, or grow it, or just…make a change? Do you want to create a safe space for yourself or the people you serve, so you can finally stop asking “it this is?” as you make a greater impact?

I’ve served dozens of women, just like you, so that they could feel seen when it comes time to pivot or build or just feel supported and inspired again. 

I’ve been there. 

I’m a teacher. What better person to teach you how to handle what comes next?

Feeling overwhelmed, discombobulated, or uninspired?

You don’t have to do this alone.


Ways to Work with Me

Speaking & Workshops

I love speaking to groups and do it often. I am great at teaching lessons and making things interactive!

I give in person workshops and well as motivational keynotes.

As a special needs mom, gifted teacher, master manifestor, ADHD business owner and successful community creator, I have topics for many groups needing inspiration & tools for change.

Contact me to design something just for your group.

1:1 Guidance

One on one support is especially effective. Accountability, guidance, and someone to reflect back and vibe on our ideas with us is so powerful! 

If you need inspiration, structure, guidance, ideas, and deeper self-awareness, reach out.

We will discover the values you are living with, how they align with your current situation, how your human design and desires fit into your dreams, and set about rocking some goals!

I offer single sessions and longer packages that are tailored specifically to meet your individual goals.


Digital Courses

Want to learn online?

I am always adding to my collection, because I always have another idea!

My “Alignment University” and my “Creating a Captivating Community” are my signature products; they are designed to help you discover pathways to your best, most connected self!

Alignment U is a crash course in many schools of manifestation thought (it can get so overhwleming!) and Capitvating Community is my proven method for building your online audience so YOU can support or be supported in the ways you desire. Connection to yourself and others is KEY on this journey!

"Working with Sandy helped to put all my goals And thoughts into a working manner. She listens to what your ideas are and helps them to come to Fruition. She is very attentive with my goals and how do we get there. She has been my biggest supporter and I appreciate everything she has helped me with."

Belinda Ruiz, B Holistic Health

"Sandy is an absolute joy to work with. She brings an incredible energy to every meeting, and you can really feel that she cares about helping others grow, whether it be personally, or professionally with their business. I would highly recommend working with her."

Macus McGehee, M2M Marketing

"There’s nothing small time about her BIG personality and even bigger responsibility as the Founder of the quickest growing female entrepreneurial group in Florida – maybe even the nation.From day one, we’ve watched Sandy grow a badass leadership squad, all with big fat brains, who together in lockstep, have created a movement helping a lot of women start or scale their dream business(es) from idea to reality. There may be way more people depending on her than she ever envisioned, but Sandy’s insanely effective capacity to multitask, act quick and seemingly act like you are her only customer, she has her team and her audience showing up for more! More of whatever they need. Sandy pulls on her previous experiences working with kiddos with special needs helping them manage and rewrite their behaviors and, ostensibly the rest of their lives. And, this is how she takes care of us. All 2700 and growing."

Ilene Mitnick, Co-Founder @thezestzone


Stay in touch for inspiration & delightful nerdiness