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Why work with me?

I love people. They’ve been my business for nearly two decades.

  • I am an award-winning, experienced teacher, national speaker, published author and former university professor.
  • I create innovative programming to enrich and empower middle school children and pioneered alternative assessment methods to promote excellence in diverse student bodies.
  • I was voted the #2 best networker in Tampa Bay by Creative Loafing magazine in 2022, after less than a year in business for myself.
  • I am the founder of St Pete Girl Bosses, the fast-growing, hugely successful female entprepreneurship support group based in Tampa Bay. SPGB was founded in January of 2022 and boasts 3,000+ members. We are changing the landscape for local women-owned businessesย with our uniquely collabrative culture.
  • The group earned over $80k in revenues in the first year with no formal advertisting.
  • I am a student of mindset and manifestation, from A Course in Miracles to Jen Sincero, from Abraham-Hicks to Florence Scovel Shinn, from Joe Dispenza to Bruce Lipton and beyond, and it’s worked magic for me.
  • I am the featured cover for Stroll Snell Isle in December 2022, highlighting my accomplishments with kids and entpreneurs.
  • As a mom, I successfully navigated PTSD, chronic illness, ADHD, giftedness and autism in my happy and successful children (and some of these in myself!).

Why does this matter?

I earned my accolades creating connections and lighting up the gifts inside of those I serve.

I am a way-shower: a natural mentor or guide for you to find your pathway using those things that make you, YOU.

My coaching is powerful because teachers ARE coaches. And we are damn good at it.

I work with entrepreneurs and big thinkers who feel lost or are poised on the precipice of a big idea or uplevel, showing them their magic, so they can more clearly identify the next steps on their journey and take aligned & empowered action.


You are a f#%ing GURU. I was one whose EVERYTHING was changed yesterday through looking at my genuine and natural responses. I am running with this. What an exercise. I think I owe you my next bornย ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ย i learned to love myself again!

Teresa Pyskaty

Award-winning photographer

What’s next for you?

Let me meet you with a flashlight and a map.

Even more so than her engaging teaching style and masterful curricular design, perhaps what sets Sandy apart the most is her relationships with people. Over the years, I have seen Sandy gain immediate rapport with people of all kinds. She builds relationships easily while maintaining high expectations of all learners.

She is compassionate, kind, and open-minded, which her students see; she is known among our colleagues for creating a safe space for kids to feel accepted and supported.

Shannon Saunders

Teacher, Mayfield Middle School

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

I love speaking to groups and do it often.

I give in person workshops and well as motivational keynotes.

Inquire to recieve my current topic information, or contact me to design something just for your group.

1:1 Guidance

Sometimes we need accountability or someone to reflect back and vibe on our ideas with us.

I love helping others see the magnitude of their magic, using my teaching & community experiences as well as my unique gifts.

If you need someone to infuse creativity and purpose into your endeavor, reach out!


Digital Courses

Want to learn online?

Click here to see current offerings and register.

The catalog is always growing (because I always have another idea). The latest offerings are the “Build Like a Boss” & “Workshop Witchcraft” MasterClasses and the “Influence and Income” six-week workshop.